About Us- original design and Illustration

So What is a pixelmorph?

Someone who moves pixels  around, shapes them into useful and beautiful things. We make Original graphic design and illustrations. Bespoke websites that are user freindly but not boring.
We offer graphic design servises for both print and screen. That’s everything from business cards to fully interactive web sites , CMS -Content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) flash and broadcast animations.

Who are we?

Not the usual boys with tech toys attitude that you get with web designers, We have our roots in fine art and illustration.
We believe that graphic design is a service industry and do our best to provide excellent service to our clients.

We specialise in doing illustrations that are both strong and feminine.

We also offer training in the industry standard multimedia programs and translate geekspeak (technobable) to plain English.

We are a VERY Small business – Not a design agency but a sole trader,  I am company director, tea-lady ,coder designer and artist.
LInked in profile |My CV (pdf)

++++create ++++ play ++++ enjoy ++++ experiment ++++


What we Make – we create:

  • Interactive Web Sites & CD’s-
    ~ We design and produce custom websites to suit our client needs and audience. We use HTML, CSS and Flash. We can create standards compliant accessible sites, cross platform friendly and fully interactive flash sites.
  • All things Animated
    Short broadcast and web animations, animated logos, banner adds ,
    corporate promotions and displays.
  • Corporate Make-overs
    ~Logos, letterheads, electronic and physical stationary.
  • Print / Graphic Design Services
    ~Pamphlets, brochures, leaflets, flyers, business cards, newsletters, annual returns.
  • We Consult
    To give personalised solutions to your needs.
  • We Train
    We can also offer professional training in multimedia, so your staff can maintain and update your web site!