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Mermaids – Adult colouring in pages

So the benefits of colouring in as a therapy for adults  have been in the news lately, I’ve been inspired to begin the journey of making tatto mermaid -adult colouring in pagemy own.  Face it there is a childish joy in colouring in, It can be relaxing and apparently is proven to reduce stress levels. But don’t take my word for it  this article by the Sydney morning herald talks about it www.smh.com.au/national/adults-who-love-to-colour-in-20150404-1meg95.html.

Art with a capital A can be a thing that people in general don’t get involved in we view Art rather than interact with it So  it seemed to me that colouring in makes you engage with the art in an entirely different way. Its a perfect low tech interactivity.

I am working towards a book which I will in time publish and I am hoping to create about 24 illustrations of mermaunderwater - mermaid - adult colouring in pagesids for the end product. But I also believe in sustainability I really like the idea of print on demand because we only use what we need.  Also in talking to people they tell me they have beautiful colouring in books they dare not to draw in.. So perhaps being able to reprint a file is better.
So far I have 3 drawings finished and online , I have several works in progress – My process is to hand draw the works scan them, clean them up digitally (this takes some time) then upload them as high quality printable PDF’s .

Support the project & download

To distribute this project and get feedback I’m using patreon as a platform. Patron is an online platform to assist artists to find and work with people who love there work. It seems like a good system as people can donate small amounts of cash to support an artist to make projects. Hard to explain but its like a permanent kickstarter.  You can contribute to my patreon campaign or just go snoop and stalk the project here: https://www.patreon.com/colourin – ill be posting regular updates and special previews and options for my patrons as well as access to the a4 colouring in sheets.

I chose mermaids as I have a family history with theses fantastic creatures, I like drawing the female form but I also love fantasy art. I love the detail in the scales and fins.

Buy t-shirts & stickers

Alternatively if you like things I have put up some of the works as t-shirts, leggings posters and stickers on redbubble with other works.