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Clockwork Moth Illustration

I’ve been looking at a lot of beautiful steampunk images. So I started a new illustration inspired by the concept of a clockwork moth here’s the final product  well the ipad case anyhow.

clockwork moth

Process – How the Moth Illustration is made

People often don’t know exactly how much work goes into a piece like this so I thought id walk you through it.

It all starts with a sketch, Yes I use old fashioned pencils!  Heres the initial sketch for the moth, though knowing I can flip the wings I drew only half of it. I’ll take a photo of the sketch and brining it into Adobe Illustrator.


So heres a shot of work in progress in Illustrator, this process takes the longest, I can sketch up something in less than a few hours but then i have to painstakingly redraw it in illustrator. Why? because I find photoshop fuzzy..I like the clean lines of illustrator and though its a lot more effort it also means my finished product can be scaled to any size.

clockwork moth

Ok then it’s finished: heres the final Illustrator work which I uploaded as a t-shirt and a sticker. clockwork moth final

And then last but not least I put it back into Photoshop to lay it on the wooden surface. Phew – I’m not even going to try estimate how many hours it took.